Yinasi Expandable Garment Rack

Yinasi’s expandable rack is designed to increase storage efficiency. Focusing on quality and design, Yinasi is able to provide quality expandable clothing racks. In construction, we use quality raw materials. Material options include stainless steel composite pipe, stainless steel pipe and exterior painted iron pipe. Different materials are provided to make the rack sturdy with different features. In addition, a wide selection of pipe sizes are available, including 9.5mm, 16mm 19mm, 22mm, 25mm 29.4mm, 19.1mm, 22.2mm and more. In terms of pipe thickness, it also varies in different specifications. 0.27mm, 0.28mm 0.3mm and 0.4mm 0.5mm are some of the available pipe thicknesses. Support size, color, material, style customization.

3-Tier Expandable Garment Rack
Yinasi -052 Size:36*43-75*103 Material:iron pipe +new pp 3-tier expandable garment rack is design from reliable, quality material. It is manufactured adhering to quality standards such as CE, SGS and BSCI. We can deliver your order in just 20-45 days. Hang and dry your clothes with this clothes dryer. Made from heavy duty contemporary enamel coated steel. 11 Rods for ample drying space. Collapsible when not in use for saving space.
Adjustable Expandable Garment Rack
Yinasi adjustable expandable garment rack designs are perfectly fit for any spaces. Attractive and functional Yinasi will surely skyrocket your garment rack from business.
Portable Drying Stand Dryer Rack For Clothes
In Yinasi, we offer double expandable garment rack at a very affordable prices. Under strict QC, ensure you’ll get quality double expandable garment rack. With 10 years experience, you can ensure great service at Yinasi.
Plastic spray folding and expandable clothing rack
Dual rod expandable garment rack from Yinasi constructed from superior quality material. Get solid and functional garment rack that will take your business to next level. Yinasi can support you from start to delivering.
Expandable Garment Rack
Yinasi expandable steel rolling garment rack Made from heavy duty contemporary enamel coated steel 11 Rods for ample drying space Collapsible when not in use for saving space Provides ample room to air dry wet clothing to save on energy costs Gently and safely dries laundry Lightweight for easy portability Grey finish coordinates with existing decor
Adjustable Rolling Garment Rack
Properly care for all your delicate garments with the 3 TieredAdjustable Rolling Garment Rack by Yinas. The folding accordion style frame of this laundry station is made of sturdy square and round steel tubing to stand up to daily loads of laundry and a powder coat paint to help it resist rust and corrosion from damp clothing. The durable steel construction makes this rack not only great for drying clothing, but also for use as a folding table or hanging up clothing for temporary storage. The entire unit folds flat in seconds for convenient storage when the rack is not in use, making it ideal for small laundry and mudrooms, apartments and dorm rooms.
Clothes Airer Dryer Rack
This versatile and well designed clothes dryer is built to accommodate over 13 feet of drying space with its strong rust resistant steel rods. It is the economical alternative to a gas or electric clothes dryer and can be used indoors or outdoors. Materials: Steel Dimensions: 16 inches long x 30 inches wide x 43 inches high Great for drying your delicates and hand-washables Ultra light and durable construction

Yinasi:Expandable Garment Rack

Our expandable garment design perfectly fits in any space.

It provides plenty of additional hanging clothes spaces.

To make it more competitive, Yinasi expandable garment racks are further processed to advanced production technology.

Avail attractive and functional expandable garment rack with Yinasi.

Find perfect expandable garment rack solution, extra hanging storage space solution in one of reliable manufacturer, Yinasi.

Suitable added to any laundry room, bedroom, and foyer.

Our durable expandable garment rack can withstand heavy usage.

Adjustable features provide extra hanging space and can accommodate long garments.

It is expandable to the width and height as you desired.

In Yinasi range of expandable garment rack, you will find the right rack to satisfy your business needs.

Lowest quantity order down up to 500pcs.

We can provide 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, 10pcs expandable garment rack per carton.

Packaging styles can be made from single product blister, color box or mail order box.

With a strict QC team, you can ensure a high-quality expandable garment rack.

Moreover, we can provide custom-design expandable garment rack.

It includes product dimensions, colors, and specifications.

We will design an expandable garment rack to your requirements.

We can provide sample products for you to check.

Sample products can be out for 4-7 days.

Sample making fee is very affordable.

Besides, we will refund a sample making fee if the design is not according to your quantity order.

Delivery time will happen around 20-45 days.

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