Do you distribute many brands and are you starting to think about creating your own brand or importing directly? If you are, we would like to share with you some experiences we have gained from communicating and working with our clients.

1.Why do you want to import directly by yourself?

1) In today’s highly competitive market, with major brands increasing their prices, your margins are shrinking and buying directly from local is no longer sufficient. So you need to make more profit.

2) You’ve built up a steady customer base and you want to expand your business and build your brand.

3) Your customers and order requirements are pushing you to take this step, and direct importation will give you a bigger profit margin.


2.How do you get started?

Usually, you will start contacting a large number of suppliers and start requesting quotes and choosing designs. So will you be unsure of how to decide among these choices? Based on our experience, here’s a little bit of what we’ve learned.

1) The first thing you need to do when starting a request for quotation is to have a good understanding of your market, your target customers, your financial budget , the range of designs you want, etc. These are all pieces of information that you need to be well prepared for before you start, and only if they are clearly can you start out with knowing what you need.

2) When contacting suppliers, try to follow the fit principle. Not everyone is the right one for you, select suppliers who are smooth in your communication, experienced and understand your needs, and negotiate with them further in depth. Finally select 1-3 for a site visit before making a final decision.

3) Base your product selection on what’s trending in the mainstream market and choose styles that are close to what’s popular in the market. Choose designs that are already recognized by consumers in the mainstream. 80% of your range is these patterns, followed by 20% that are eye-catching and make you stand out from your competitors! In this regard, you can communicate with your existing customers and seek the help of your suppliers, whose opinions can help you to be more precise. Catch the trend. Maybe the next hit is coming from you?

4) Build your own brand to extend your product cycle and life.

Having your own brand is good for your company’s long-term growth, capturing market share and ensuring profit margins for your products and suppliers’ stability as well. We have helped many clients build their brands and also offer a variety OEM services.

Therefore, no matter what stage you are now, please feel free to contact Yinasi Rack for your any inquiry or thinking, let’s make it successful together.